What To Do With The Body
          Many people don't want to think about death, be it their own or someone else's, but the the fact is that "none of us get out alive."  Everyone will eventually be faced with making plans for their own body or that of a friend or loved one. 

Burial: this requires the body to be prepared, placed in a casket or coffin (click here​ to learn the difference) and placed in the ground/earth. 

          For the environmentally-conscious, who don't want a metal casket/coffin, pine boxes are popular (click here for                        examples). 

Cremation: this requires the body to be prepared but not embalmed, as with burial preparation, then put in a very hot oven, until all that's left is ash.  

       Those ashes can be put in a container (usually an urn) or divided and given to desirous family and friends as jewelry                (click here for example of jewelry). 

       Another alternative, is using the ashes to create an artificial reef (click here to read more ).  

Lesser known methods:  click here  (caution: not for the faint  of heart) 

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